Mobile SOS Communicator + Locator watch

Fits like a normal watch

Who is this product for?

If you have an elderly loved one that has mobility issues or dementia (with a tendency to get lost), the SOS-COM4 is the device you need. This watch either allows your loved one to communicate you in case of an emergency by simply pushing the SOS or if your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and tends to wander, the tracking function makes it possible to locate them.

Product features:

This product is an all-in-one mobile SOS locator + communicator and stat reader that comes in a handy watch format. A personal mobile system that allows you to be geo-located at any time and place, to communicate and make calls (2 numbers pre-installed), or to push the emergency button when needed.

The integrated stat reader can check your heart-rate, blood pressure, body temperature and saturation levels with the easy- to-use smart phone application. Stats can also be reviewed remotely by a third party who has been granted access. i.e. family member, carer, nurse, doctor etc.

The geo-fence option allows a controlled perimeter which can be pre-installed.  Whenever the wearer breaks the pre-set perimeter i.e. 100m from home, an alarm message will be sent to the administrator.

The SOS-COM4 is water resistant (IP67) and can be worn in the shower.

How does the geo-location work?

It incorporates three location technologies: GPS (or satellites) that allows a more exact location when the device is “outdoors” and LBS/AGPS location (using 2G-3G-4G GSM radio antennas) as well as WIFI that allows a more approximate location, when you are inside a building, or the GPS signal is not available.

SOS-COM4 measures heart rate, blood pressure, saturation and more

Measure stats remotely

How do you communicate with this device?

The SOS-COM4 incorporates a slot to insert a mobile SIM card. It will connect to any 2G-3G-4G network that is available.

There are 2 different buttons that you can pre-set any chosen contact person’s telephone number or emergency service number.

You also have the emergency SOS button that can be activated, and which will not only call the programmed number but will also send a google-maps localisation through SMS to that person/emergency service. This makes it easy to locate the wearer either indoors or outdoors.

Voice messages can be recorded and sent by pushing the mic icon button.

The watch also allows a live two-way communication with the following functionality:

-Push to talk:  The wearer can be called and can answer the call by pushing the mic icon button and can continue to talk as if talking on a mobile phone.

-Automatically: This pre-selected function enables the caller to make direct contact with the watch without the wearer having to push any buttons.  Handy when the wearer is suspected to be in a distressed or compromised situation and direct contact is needed.

What can Home Nurse do for you?

Home Nurse can assist you with the purchase and installation of the device.  We also offer a 24/7 response service. Ideal for those who are alone or for family that want that extra piece of mind for their loved ones. Contact us for more information and details.

SOS-COM4 mobile SOS locator + communicator and stat reader

All-in-one mobile SOS locator + communicator and stat reader